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Hey thanks for the welcome Mr hempy .... the CSC site was the one that got me started growing after years of just thinking about it ... I was in a position where I couldn't afford the street vermin's pricing anymore and this most glorious medication is vital to me health since I am a victim of society ..ya know worked and paid taxes all my life only to get hurt on the job and thrown to the street with no insurance so now my mission is to provide for myself and treat all my ailments as best as possible with various strains that I have been lucky enough to be gifted to from them , put it this way if I didnt have support of the dudes there I would be growing bag seeds cause theres no way a seed purchase is being made from here unless I hit the power ball or something ya know

Theres lots of great info ..a swell bunch of helpful and caring dudes and best of all its in a NO DRAMA ZONE that is patrolled by the members themselves plus some very cool mods so when it rears its ugly head it gets dealt with real proper like Oh yeah trolls are unwelcome there as well if that matters

Anyways thats my take on the place dude and like I said thanks for the welcome ..sorry it took so long for me to respond

Oh yeah the by mr hempy please be expecting some questions in the near future since I finely found a place around here that had the mega bags of perlite and vermiculite on the cheap

Thanks again
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