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Hi all


Thanks man , I cant wait to sample the female , seems a very nice plant so far. I put it in 24/0 lighting to get some veg growth in order to take some clones and flower the clones instead of the seedplant. Seems this girl will keep me busy for the summer.


Well the female took around 6 weeks from seed to show sex and the male around 4weeks. They were growing very slowly the first 2-3 weeks , seems the plant had little vigor due to the seed being quite old but they have started to grow very fast now and both have alternative branching from early on. I believe if you grow it under 10/14 from the beginning you might manage to get them to show sex a bit earlier.

How is the smoke from the NH plants you grew? Tried them yet?

The NH male plant is in the flowering room at the moment and I am collecting some pollen to sent my friend

NH male pics:

Closer shot of the male flowers

And a photo from the female NH plant:

cheers , Haz3

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