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Originally Posted by TexasMonster View Post
If I had not read that I would have found out the hard way. I do appreciate that.

I also would have never thought of grating my bubble either. Again, thank you.

I bought the elcheapo (I will catch up with yall soon enough) bubble(ish) bags and have only done one small run. I had never smoked has in my life. It was Goooood and I finally slept. Me and sleep dont get along. I try to make up with sleep all the time but she wont hear it.
Hey, you are welcome. The grater method I claim to have invented as I alone have posted this technique, and have been instructing folks to do this for years. Its the easiest and safest way to dry your bubble.

Concentrates and sleep, you have found your solution. I like to eat hash, infused into coconut oil and then put into capsules, before bed.
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