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Hey Nutella and Matt,

I appreciate the input. In addition to processing trim, I actually got the bags initially to salvage moldy buds- I was loosing a lot of yield growing outdoors. I understand your feelings on smoking hash made from moldy buds, as I felt much the same way when I first heard of processing them. But I have done a couple rounds, and still run on a daily basis with pretty healthy lungs- for an ex-cigg smoker at least . Wish I had the quantity to where I could just get rid of the affected bud.

About the solvent extraction, I was thinking about that, but may that extract even better the organic molecules found in the mycelium? Mixing may break up the mycelium enough to pass through the filter but much of the organic molecules should still be associated with the mycelium pieces?

So, to be safe it sounds wise to mix for a little longer, and maybe harder, than you may if you were using unaffected material to increase the chances of breaking up the mold into small enough fragments to pass through?

Thanks again guys for the responses!


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