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Thanks for the response & info JF

That's crazy about the police with the stop & search, i guess i'm naive but i just assumed police stops would be more rare with many asian countries regarding loss of face as a huge insult, how do the police react if somebody has nothing? are they very apologetic or do they just tell people to scram? how did u talk your way out of it?

Have you ever tried dosanko? or do u know if it's more sativa or indica?

I was interested in the prisons as space in japan seems to be at a premium...or is that just in tokyo & the larger cities?

Thats crazy that the yakuza are so prominent, so whats the advice when you spot them? look at the ground lol i probably would stare but then i guess thats what they are after with the flash cars, that's a motor & a half but i've seen similar in other parts of asia, the number plate thing is familiar as well with certain numbers being a means of showing wealth & also believed to be lucky, do the yakuza bother with tourists or are tourists relatively safe because the yakuza run things?

That bud does look a bit ropey but if it does the trick then i guess it doesnt matter, your grows look excellent though & its good to hear your getting good results & seem to have things dialed in well

Lol what did your friend say when they saw your bud? lol did they ask for some tips?

Looking really good though & i'll keep checking for updates, i hope you have some joy with the new genetics but like i said before if you do get stuck it wouldn't be a problem to hook you up with something new, just not sure on the postal service over there as i wouldnt want you having any grief but i do plan on visiting japan asap so if needed then maybe i could post to you when over there, maybe internal mail is less scrutinised

Anyway i'll sign off here but anything you can share on japan, guides places to visit things to do would be great to hear, i mentioned before im keen to try mt fuji, have you ever tried it? & if so how was it? i forget the saying i read, something like everyone in japan should climb mt fuji once in a lifetime but the fool tries it more than once lol something like that, guess its hard work but then i read about some 60 yr old that runs up it regularly lol

Thanks for the info & all the best with everything