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Default in Theory...

Hi all,
The tricky thing about the given info is that is it's all just theory and putting this theory into practice is where it often goes wrong.
There's no guaranteed succes.
I've known some close acquaintances of mine that i helped setting up go wrong. Same set-up, same plants, same nutes, same everything except the growroom and grower and it went wrong over and over again. It took many grows before they had a nice result. The opposite has also happened, no experience, no knowledge about anything and first run "bingo"...
It's not only knowing the right tools, it's also knowing how to use them, when to use them, the combination of factors that must be right in the right stage of the grow and so on...
I also think that the grower him- or herself has alot to do with it. The innerself, feelings and periode in once life has it's effect on the crop.
Never the less, if somebody is interested enough in how to grow this beautifull haze hybrid and they are pursistant enough to go through with it, no matter what the first results are, will eventually see there efforts return to them in a really nice smoke.
There are many ways to get a nice result... Experiment! There's no substitute for experience!
Try to put the quality before the quantity.
Good luck,
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