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The dry weight on the 250 watt garden is 150 grams or 0.6 gpw which is about what I get normally, on very good runs I get up to 0.8 gpw but I don't think I have the plants to do that kind of run now so I'm happy with the 150. The smoke and quality are good though, lost one nug to mold, dried out it too slow in the ghetto dryer.

I'm disappointed in the new chronics though. I have to get my old one back from a friend who has a mother. The 400 closet has 6 of the new ones in there that are looking ok so I hope it was just weak clones this run and not the genetics but realistically I don't see them doing much.

The Northern lights is also a big question. The guy who gave me the cut recently gave me some of his weed and it was schwag, looked bad. Hoping it was his fault and not the strain.

That leaves the killer queen to look forward to, hope this one also does not disappoint. I'm so jealous of people have the room to really go about serious selection. With a small room it's like trying to hit a target blindfolded.