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The other day a "friend" gave me some weed

I asked him what the hell happened to it but he's under the impression that it's what it is. I haven't seen too much of what other people grow here and was glad that I had previously turned down an offer to trade some weed with him but the sad fact is that this is probably par for the course here. He unloaded it on some of his friends who were more than pleased with this. I had to vape it because of the hay smell and harshness.

I cut down one of my closets a few days early because the clones were past ready and the wife wanted her bath back.

Normally I dry in the same closet but I have a ghetto dryer for such times, just a cardboard box with intake holes on the bottom and exhaust on the top. Can't control the smell but since I have 3 charcoal scrubbers in the room it doesn't get that bad

Hopefully they will dry to just over 125g or so.

Veg day 1 250 watts, from the left 2 Chronics (b), 2 Killer Queens, 2 Chronics (a)

Normally I like to disinfect my medium by boiling it in water for 5 minutes but this time I just put it through the hopper to remove organic material and rinsed it.