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so what does asa actually mean? intoxicated? thats a wild guess linking the asaka beer lol is that the right name? just watched the boxing so had a few myself

I'm not sure if your computer will be able to see this text but it's a chinese character 麻 which has 2 trees with another character over it, I'm not sure but I think it means fiber? That's the word for hemp but when we talk about pot we use taima 大麻 which is "Big Hemp"

are there as many stings over there though? i know in some parts of s.e.a it's a common occurrence to set-up westerners with weed sales etc & then shop them to the police

We don't have stings here but the police are allowed to stop anybody anywhere and do a body search. Of course they only do it to foreigners and "hippy" or "gangster" looking people and in certain areas. I was almost caught once right after a friend gave me a gram of his stuff to test for him. Talked my way out of it.

i did imagine the grow shops to be expensive, is there no walk in shops over there?
There are some but the police watch them of course.

lol good to hear you're representing the west on the weed front lol are there no landraces in japan? or were they culled with the introduction of the us policies?

Weed grows wild on the northern island of Hokkaido and some people believe it's native while others say it was seeds which were imported for animal feed or something. They call it "dosanko" which is a word given to people who are from Hokkaido.

whats the crack with the prisons there? i imagine japan as an extremely clean & organised country, how does that reflect in the prisons? i mean i i've read space is a premium-or is that just tokyo? still the conditions cant be any worse that other parts of the world...i've no intention of finding out but am just chewing the fat

A few friends have been to prison here and it's hard work, can't talk most of the time, only a few minutes to eat and so on, not nearly as much free time because you are forced to work, making shoes or some shit but you get some free time and share a small room with 4 people or so with a TV. No fear of getting killed or raped though.

are the yakuza very prominent? will u notice them or would you have to visit certain areas?

Yakuza are everywhere and in every business in Japan. Something like 40% of the income in Japan is in the black market or illegal trades. You'll notice them because they don't hide who they are, they project it. They wear yakuza clothes and drive yakuza cars. They sell a lot of weed though.

sorry if some of these questions seem stereotypical, definitely not trying to offend but i'm keen to hear more

Naw, they are fine. When I came here Japanese used to ask me if I owned a gun or had ever shafted anybody.

Typical Yakuza car, black with smoked windows, sometimes curtains in the windows, the license plates are usually either "1" because they are so cool or "8" because it's a lucky number.