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Originally Posted by Japanfreak View Post
Japan's most holy plant is hemp, or Asa as it's called here. When the emperor ascends to the position he must be clothed in 100% hemp robes, when a sumo wrestler reaches grand champion he wears a large woven hemp belt, seeds used to be a staple in their diet. There doesn't seem to be much use of the plant for it's psychedelic properties though.

As far as I know there was no law in regard to cannabis till after the war when America was kind enough to do it for them.

Our media still broadcasts "reefer madness" type of propaganda and news anchors still say with a straight face that it can make you go crazy. The average person doesn't make much of a distinction between cannabis or crack, it's evil.

But since I've been here it's use as skyrocketed. Part in due because of exchange students returning home, part because of copy catting hip-hop culture, and part because of the foreigners here and our rave scenes.

When I first came here (long time ago) we couldn't get any western grown or famous strains but we got really good thai stick. About 10 years ago that went away and we started to get really poor quality weed from god who knows where.

When I started growing about 9 years ago there were no hydro stores, no place to buy epsome salts, no nutes. These days there are prolly half a dozen on-line shops and even some stores which sell a small selection of what's available over-seas for about twice the price.

I would say that the quality of the weed is going up slowly but it's still far behind the quality in the west for the most part. I've never seen any weed here better than mine and mine is mids. They love me what can I say.

Laws are very harsh but not as harsh as living in Alabama or something.

"People go to jail for possessing less than one gram of hemp and they face many social penalties too (loss of job, expulsion from schools, etc.). Theoretically you can go to prison for five years for a single joint. Larger quantities, cultivation or smuggling will lead to prison sentences of up to seven years. Smugglers caught with a few hundred grams to a few kg of cannabis are routinely sent to prison for 3-4 years."

I would never grow in Japan just for money, I started growing because I couldn't keep affording to pay $50 per gram for my habit, and Japan is hard without weed man.
thanks for that post JF, there's plenty of good info in there & i enjoyed reading about the the scene in your part of the world & about some of the history & tradition, i've been close but never visited japan, it didnt happen last year so i hope 2011 brings me there, lol been psyching myself up for mt fuji

so what does asa actually mean? intoxicated? thats a wild guess linking the asaka beer lol is that the right name? just watched the boxing so had a few myself

i can believe that about america introducing their drug policies, i think it was yourself that commented a while back when the north koreans were threatening japan.. about the us military based there & how the japanese had to sign away their defense policy after ww2, i could be mistaken
though its been a while & its late tonight

that sounds bizarre about the reefer madness ads in japan, completely in jest but japanese entertainment seems pretty mental already lol i like the way the japanese seem to have a good sense of humour yet are still highly respectful, i imagine like most of asia that is changing more & more though as the western influence spreads

that's scary to think the penalties are so severe with weed, i'll admit i've faced stiffer penalties when travelling in asia & still smoked but with hindsight & considering the amout i was purchasing on occasion it was extremely foolish, are there as many stings over there though? i know in some parts of s.e.a it's a common occurrence to set-up westerners with weed sales etc & then shop them to the police

the thai weed can be like that at times, if you have the good connects you can still get the fresh green but if not then you'll score some brown older weed, its still nice but the fresher green coloured weed is always a treat & ticks the boxes, as u say the import could be coming from anywhere now though

i did imagine the grow shops to be expensive, is there no walk in shops over there?

lol good to hear you're representing the west on the weed front lol are there no landraces in japan? or were they culled with the introduction of the us policies?

the U.S does have some messed up laws with regard to canna, legal in some states yet up the road in texas theyd probably try & give u the electric chair lol i've never been to the us but heard about its harsh penalties from friends

whats the crack with the prisons there? i imagine japan as an extremely clean & organised country, how does that reflect in the prisons? i mean i i've read space is a premium-or is that just tokyo? still the conditions cant be any worse that other parts of the world...i've no intention of finding out but am just chewing the fat

are the yakuza very prominent? will u notice them or would you have to visit certain areas?

sorry if some of these questions seem stereotypical, definitely not trying to offend but i'm keen to hear more

just working out the costs there lol thats about 90 for 3 grams of weed i smoke pure lol i think when i visit japan i'll probably stick to the beer or sake, i hope that's a bit cheaper, anything u can share on japan would be of a real interest, if u want to share it publically or in private that's cool but i'm keen to learn more & its great to have somebody that stays there...i could ask these questions elsewhere & for all i know some kid thats never been out of his country is sitting there advising me lol was it yourself that posted the blossom photos a while back? really enjoyed them too, anyway gonna stop myself as i said before i can be a gas bag at times lol

thanks though m8, really appreciate your post