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Very nice grow for such a small space. How do you like the hempy buckets? Where does the water go? I didn't see a fan in your pictures, do you have one? If not you might get a small clip on fan or something. You said your plants have changed over the years and you are not happy with them but I think they look great for what you have to grow in. Look better than mine and I have lots of space. Most of my plants tend to yellow toward the end of their cycle. I don't think this is unusual at all. I grew some purple kush once that didn't have yellowing but that was about all. That PK stayed super small even though I grew it for 9 months. The buds were small too. I was frustrated and didn't clone it but it turned out to be the best bud ever. Wish I had cloned it now. My point is maybe you should try the PK as it stays small. The taste is blueberry and it is extremely smooth. The smoothest ever I'd say, and quite a relaxing euphoric enjoy yourself high. Of course if you are growing for others than yourself it might not do. Anyway, I hope to see more pics soon.

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