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lol, otaku Once the maid cafes become topless I might join their numbers

I got 2 Ikea closets that are about 90 wide 2 meters high and 60 deep and one closet which is a little smaller built into the apartment.

I'm not able to vent to the outside because there's a sidewalk inches from my window, this is Tokyo growing. I'm forced to just recirculate the air in the room and cool the room the closets are in with a air-conditioner which also exchanges air with fresh air from outside. I got 2 phat filters and a DIY charcoal filter so there is no smell from the next room. I'm looking for a bigger apartment with 2 floors so I can have a room just for my closets. Hopefully this year. Right now with closets closed up even with the air-con on max the temps can get up to 40c and down to 12c in the winter. Not the best conditions to grow in but you make do with what you got.

I bought the chronic seeds about 5? years ago and popped half of them and found one that I thought was alright but over the next few years it started changing, the number of fingers on the leafs reduced and the total yield dropped way down. The high and smell/taste are the same though. I popped the remaining seeds recently but the seeds looked like shit, almost white so I wasn't expecting much. I got males and females though I pollinated them. Unfortunately one of the females I got looks like it's almost autoflowering.

Now I have a few hundred seeds though so hopefully slowly I'll find a keeper