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Hi herb . Thanks man

Lets hope that male can pass the 'NH high' we all love to its progeny.

I cant wait to see some fresh NH stock too. I will devote the whole groowroom to run a good selection from 3-4packs of this legendary strain when it comes out again , and I will also get some packs for backup. Lets hope shanti makes some new NH seeds this year, he said if all things go well for him he may make some fresh stock soon. He also mentioned he is working on a new haze line this year so I have to say it is exiting times.

I would also like to try the AFxHaze and NHxMH too , I am sure there is something special to be found in those lines and would also like to re-run SSH . And of course LaNina to find some special Hazy/sativa phenos cause I was impressed with her high , smell and taste when I grew her last year...Damn..I want them all! A garden full of selected mns haze hybrids! So much will .. so little time and space!
cheers , Haz3

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