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Default Mr.Nice Neville'sHaze

Hi all

Here are 2 Neville's Haze plants I am growing along with my Mango Haze. One is a male and I also got a female.

The male seems more sativa looking than the female and is about to be moved to another room for me to keep growing under cfls until I collect some pollen.I will also try to take a cut root it under 18/6 and send the pollen to a sativa lover friend to test the progeny and if the results are good the cut is going to stay in the garden for future projects.

The female showed sex yesterday and I am going to take the top cut and also send my friend a clone to keep these genetics as a backup till some smoke samples are tested.

They seem healthy I am going to transplant the plants into new pots so they start growing faster as the 1L pots seem to be limiting the growth at the moment.

The male showed sex around 28 days from seed under 11.5/12.5 light regime, quite faster than I expected.

Here are some pics:

NH female on the left , male on the right

Pics from the NH male:

NH male:

cheers , Haz3

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