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Some thoughts and pointers by japfreek

I had never hand-watered plants before I tried this style and it was hard to get my head around it before I tried it. Iíve noticed that when hydro growers try hempy they tend to water too much at first as I myself did. My first run I was watering 2~3 times a week and I didnít have the best harvest. Plants actually do the most growing and look the best just before they need watering so donít panic and start over watering them. How do you know when itís time to water again? If your plants start to look wilted or if they look hungry (paling of the leafs) itís time to feed. Once the roots reach the bottom of your bucket (about a week) youíll see the plants really start to take off and I suggest you try to wait as long as you can before you feed them, get to know your plants and keep records and youíll get the hang of it in no time.

11-19-2010 07:55 PM Japanfreak

Thanks all, this is just a copy of a thread I had at another site. This style has been around a long time in different countries with different names. Here is a "hempy" bucket pre-made and sold here in Japan for a few bucks. I think they call it the easy grow bucket.

JF came back again? I suspect him of actually having mental health issues...

I ran into his hempy thread (just like what he posted here) on another forum which he's joined since pissing off... he mentioned no names but he slagged some of our dearest friends off in it, he's got the worlds biggest chip on his shoulder. Kids got a stick so far up his ass it's effecting his mind

Idiots guide to Hempy - thread deleted

I notice that Japanfreaks sticky thread has been deleted. I myself found that thread v useful and was disappointed to say the least to see it removed.

This site is supposed to be a growing resource to educate and inform and I feel that the removal of this thread is against this general ethos. I don't see why it could not have just had the more recent posts by JP (when he was using a different username) removed and the thread could then have been locked. Would anyone care to provide a reason why this was not the case?

Incidentally if you google the words Japan Freak idiots guide to hempy one of the first links that appears is a link to rival Growing forum where a user has copied and pasted the first post of JP's guide. He does reference that it came from this site but at the end of the day that info is no longer available here and in my opinion that is to the detriment of THCTalk.

Look i could go on and on your just one more delta thats fine but at lest get your info right how many peoples grows have you caused to fail Japfreek ?.

I am wondering if you were the guy i was pm about by a staff member from a different site that wanted me to join up and help as people have had dramas was it you ?.

you have posted saying it is not my idea you have posted saying my plants look like shit and much more what is wrong with you and the deltas of this world man honestly is it that important to you types to look and feel important i dont want or need to feel important but if your going to teach people a method at lest do it right.

Do me your self and every one a favor just relax stop being a dick and settle make friends japfreek not enemy's i have lots more i can post quotes from you but why bother right dont resolve any thing if you want me to tell you how to grow using my method as i first posted it ask me i am more than happy to help.