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Hempy, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind.

It seems like alot of people are using their posts to argue and personally attack one another. I think it's awesome that as a group we are so passionate about marijuana and finding the truth. I think this is what fuels most of our fires, and I personally think it's awesome that's what we're after.

Also, I understand it's just human nature to get stuck in these arguments and get sucked into them even when we don't really have any reason to. But really, why do we need to spend so much time and energy spreading negative vibes around?

Fortunately, it seems that most people on this forum end up apologizing at some point which is a huge step in maturity that simply is not found on other forums.

This is not an attack on you Hempy. I've just noticed more posts lately are focused on "you suck" rather than "this is my beautiful plant, would you like to know how to grow it like I do?"

I'm new to this forum, but I love it and think it is unique. Thanks for letting me slip in my perspective.