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Originally Posted by Japanfreak View Post
Too late asshole you already insulted me above for no reason. I didn't say shit to you at this site but your ego once again gets in the way.

I don't care

Take your own advice there champ, you insulted me for no reason, maybe you think your shit don't stink. All I've ever seen from you on any pot board is ego and attitude, you throw hissy fits all over the place and then declare that you are above it all.

Maturity is not about insulting people with off hand remarks, I use cuss words sometimes and I understand that people like you focus on them, it's not the words it's the message and your message stinks.

edit: by the way hempy take a look at this bucket that is sold all over the country here for a few bucks

I know, you never claimed you invented it, never claimed it was an original idea, you just demand respect for it. Sorry, your attitude has never been worthy of respect.

Since we are bringing up icmag how about your latest act of throwing a hissy fit there when you didn'T get the respect you thought you deserved. Quick Hempy, somebody somewhere is putting an air-stone in a bucket, go nuts.
I did not insult you but i am glad to be given a chance to finally put you in your place this is not icmag so no mods to aid your lies.

I will give you a little history leson on my bucket in the early 80s i went threw the yellow pages as there was not Internet and found a company that sold hydroponics so went and had a look they offered a aquaponic kit for growing tamatos so i got it and tried it out doors.

The kit was basically a tub about 6 inches tall 2 1/2 foot long and 1 ft wide with a drain hole at the side almost at the bottom allowing a film of nutrients at the bottom of the tub.

I then went about and used different tubs shapes and sizes experimented on internal rez heights and went about fine tuning my method i finally was happy with what i set out to achieve which was a simple hydro method of growing that had no parts that was simple to use.

I went back to the company i got the kit from that was started in 1969 i believe can check but it was a hydroponic research and development and research company not a shity hydro store the founder has at lest 5 books out has degrees in physics Ag maths and many more smart guy even he did not think my method would work sed it would course root rot i told him it worked and worked well and he was very surprised.

Years later once hydro stores started to open up i went to see what was available and told a few different store owners of my method agine was told it would course root rot and laft at.

Years later i posted this at CW and the same agine was laft at made fun of until the pictures of my plants were posted the larfing soon stooped now CW had growers from all over the world and people from all fields of growing no one had heard of it before.

Ask shanti what my plants look like japfreek i take great affence when kids like you tell me i stole this method when all i did was shear it with the community i bet i have been growing longer than you have been a live.

Emelys garden or what ever her name was have you infact read her story or are you believing the bull shit coming from delta ?.

That snake caused many peoples grows to fail why because he has a need to feel important i dont i can prove not only i came up with this but also the buckets your posting above were not available a few years ago when i first posted my method at CW.

I have had so many pms from people thanking me i am not about that i dont need thanks all the thanks i need is to see people achieving the same results as me people in cali are using my method to grow meds for people that makes me feel good inside that once used DWC growing cannabis is not rocket science japfreek why pretend it is.

If i had to say i got the idear from it was from a guy here that has had a research and development hydro company since the 60s not any other and even he did not think it would work.

People like you are the reason why i will never ever agine shear a thing with the community openly i would rather pass it on to strangers than with people like you japfreek you think that is all i had to offer think agine.

I can back every thing i sed up unlike you.