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Originally Posted by resinbud View Post
Hi!Ras... Your about ready to get hooked to my pictures. I tried something today I might regret. I fertilized NH#9 with full strength nutrients from Hesi soil formula. This #9 is a short NH, but a beauty. Hesi claims all plants? so the next week will say alot. I figure it is only one plant and it will let me know how gentle Hesi ferts are? Stay tune more to come.#1 and #3 will be flowered in the next week after clones are taken. Forgot to mention that my #7 NH was skinned alive by a snail, and I had to take a top cutting to save her and under lights for a reveg. resinbud,
Yo Mr ResinB!
Hope she enjoys the depth charge ya gave her! Isn't the NH said to be quite nute sensitive though? What is your usual feeding program - does she like nothing more than a complete soil or do you supplement with nutes often?

Can't wait for the photo madness!

You ever tried the saucer full of beer trick to ward off the slugs and snails? Those guys get fuuucked up son, and they don't make it to the NH afterparty.

One love

Do your best and forget the rest.
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