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Originally Posted by hempy View Post
Hi all well thort to do some nevilles haze pulled out some old NH i got in 2002 that were old and in 2003 or erly 2004 i first grew them wich i had to pull out of the seed case and place the seed embrio into rw but managed to get 10/10 so i thort i better germ these to so i did agine after a week i removed the seed embrio and placed each into rw did the things i do with old seed and i thort all 10/10 would take off but 3 stalled and died had 7 left.

So from the 7 left 2 started to show a thining in the steam close to were the first set of leaf start and broke as the seed ebrio started in short wat coused it was some embrio case i couldnt see so im left with 5.

Here are the 5 left slowly comeing to life sure they look a little od and diformed but give it some time and hopefully they will take off like there sisters and brothers did.
Hempy, very nice to meet you my fellow growerfriend in Cyberspace

Like some other posters already said,you always seems to put on some quality posts when you post,thanks for that Hempy..*me bow humbly*.

If you don't mind i have a question or two..'

*RW,does that stand for rain water or RO water..or what?

*After you taken them out of their then put the gently ontop of the cube or?

*What soilmix or is it coco you use as media...??

Thank you for taking your time to read my post,and hoprfully you have a answer or two to my questions
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