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I know the problem reagading looping your dick....Same happend one early morning at my summer house,i've just looped my Anaconda in the outdoor sink to give him a good washing..scrubbing away i hear my old neighbour jelling..that was a big one..looks like a snake.....well i just said,this is nothing, he always shrinks when i have to wash him in COLDWATER...
To be happy, we must not be too concern with others.

Do everything in moderation,even moderation.God bless...//BLB51

Choose Positive
People,places,events just "are".
They have no meaning until YOU give them meaning.
You choose how to react to it and what it will mean to you.
Good,bad,beautiful,ugly,indiffrent.You choose.
Why choose negative when you can just as easily choose posistive?
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