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Default 600w DWC Cheesey Goodness

Howdy folks, was pointed your way by some nice folk and here i am.

The cabinet is a bit of a shambles, i tend not to bother following any of the normal rules, such as hydro needing to be sterile, keeping the cabinet clean, this and that. General laziness mixed with doing it my own way.

Currently on a 400w hps with a 600w in the post for tomorrow morning I the use DIY DWC buckets which alas do not cost a few $$ to build, but rather many many after folk like BnQ rip you off! pikey little so and so's! Add to that Canna A + B, Pk 13/14 and Boost and that's pretty much all i bother with, don't know my temps, humidity, EC, if they look healthy then i'm doing iot right, if they show stress and pain, i then check up on things.

Been through soil and coco and opted for DWC for convenience

Cheese, as you can see i failed at maintaining an even canopy :lol:

Sweettooth clone

Cheese scrog just into 12/12, left it a tad late again

Random bud shot of some Cheese


So there you have a random mix and match portfolio of my competence, while masterfully disguising my incompetence

The one thing i've learnt and stick by now, is to hell with bagseed!

Those males left me with just 1 female to somehow harvest me a haul for 8 weeks, instead the 1 female then turned hermie and seeded herself spectacularly.
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