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Default Dandaweedman's Odds and Sods

Been here almost 2 years so it's time to post up.

I call my threads odds and sods because I tend to go off on a different angle every now and again.
Just because it starts out with OH x AK47 and WW doesn't mean it'll stay that way I do like to change things up.

Like I said up yar ^ We (my much better half and I) started up some Original haze x AK-47 F2 and some Williams Wonder F2.

The OH x AK we received as a cross of an F1 OH and an F1 Ak from a buddy who got it off C-bay circa 2002. I tend to call the result of the crossing of F1s an F1 as well because it makes things less cluttered that way. And sides, it IS a new family, sorta

The Original SSSC Williams was gifted us by a brother we helped out a few years back.
He's since dropped off the cyber earth so if he reads this... HEY BUDDY!!!

9/10 WW germed and 19/22 OHxAK

Annnywho, here are a couple of pictures to get this started.
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