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Old 03-26-2008, 06:12 AM
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hi all it really comes down to the most basic of things genetics if its good its good if its not then no matter how you grow it and in what medium / or conditions it is grown in it will still be the same week line it started off as and the only way to make that given line stronger is to in short add stronger genetics to the weeker line.

Growing in organic or hydro dont do a thing to its potency a lot need to relise that all hydro nutrents are in short is minerals and salts plants need to grow be it in soil or hydro mediums or even in an nft method.

What is importent is to allow the plant to mature not harvest to erly and cureing your product can infact make or brake your hard work.

Smokeing a flower from a plant thats been dryed is great will smoke nice but let that dry product cure right and you will see improvements but dont cure it right let it sweet and not air and see how good it is then i know so many that harvest a plant say its nice smoke but after its stored it tastes bad and has lost its kick to well they did not cure it or thort they needed to and let it sweat.
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Old 03-27-2008, 12:12 AM
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I'm new to this forum and will chime in here as My first grow was afghani and everything grew well biginner mistakes.the end product sucked 3 hermies quick flowering and back to veg before you realize.Smoked like cigar smoke and awful tastes and potency.To me I didn't do all that to them plants.There genes were all friged up!! I had a bagseed grow along side these and it was awesome smoke thank God because it was all I had to smoke.Anybody want some awfulafghan freeeeeeee Showgirl
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Old 05-08-2008, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by JessE View Post
Hey oldfart,
Im not sure that most marijuana does suck personally, I mean I rarely run across marijuana that is absolute trash. But I have infact seen trash weed before, so it may depend on your area and who you associate with if thats the case.
Hehe I have gotten plenty of early/wet/seedy/untrimmed/moldy bud when I used to get brick as a kid. Reading this thread made me think of the worst bud that I ever got. I used to go to a spot in NYC for bud, and while I bought the oz's for 60-70, I would get all of the pif/haze/hydro that I could. In the early 90's it was called 'hydro', and it was EXACTLY the same bud as the 'pif' is 2day. The only time that I got busted, I got an oz or 2 of this bud that looked like clay/sandy soul with sticks packed into a wad. I smoked a joint on the block, and wasn't 100% convinced that it was weed. Whatever, it would sell, AND I had my 8 20's for 130 woohoo!. Off I walked, Got stopped by a cop, cuffed searched etc.. She was writing my ticket, and I kept begging for one of 'those 20's' back lol. She threatened to lock me up, and I shut up. Went home broke, and the ticket was BullShit. I bet she threw out the schwagg, and took a ride down the henry hudson with MY fire lol. BTW Jason King takes great pics and tells great stories, but A LOT of his background info is fugazee
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