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Default CAT PISS

The cat piss smell associated with Haze is the result of inbreeding to the Haze. Inbreeding to siblings or half siblings, is less damaging than inbreeding to the same Haze plant.
NL5 was somewhat neutral in smell and when crossed with the Haze, it expressed the various genotypes behind the Haze very well. I have grown large numbers of NL5HzA and NL5HzC plants from seed. Considering that the HzA male was dead, I could only use it's daughters to put back to HzC.

This single inbreeding to the 1969 haze males exponentially increased the amount of cat piss types in the progeny, but still allowed a useful percentage of truly superior plants to shine through.
The average age of the NH grand parents is about 40. I don't believe that this can be said about anybody else's lines. They are more inbred, hence the cat piss.
I have a dream that a real Haze brother will contact me and tell me that he still has well preserved seeds from the 60's. Failing that, the '97 NH seeds offer the best hope for future hybrids.