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"However I think it would piss me off if someone made poor selections and misrepresented my seeds. There was a thread about a user making f2's of unreleased varieties Shanti sent him, if he was able to get the f2's out before the release date and they turned out shottie it wouldn't be good for Shanti's/your good name."

If you buy seeds from some one else, how can that be a reflection on me? One generation can screw everything up, or change the future forever in a positive way.
When you buy stock from a breeder, you are buying the end result of that persons knowledge, experience and taste. That's what you pay the money for, not the name of a variety.
Any grower usually invests serious amounts of time and money in his project and the genetics he chooses are the corner stone of the project. You can do really well for yourself with top genetics and a low budget. the reverse isn't true.