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Originally Posted by Azra'eil View Post
hi ouchie, from what i have read thseeds sage is big sur holy weed(which has some haze lineage) x afghan. i dont think its related to nevil/shanti work but i can be wrong. why dont you try it directly ? its the only thseeds variety i will buy if i have to, i have smoked it when i have visited amsterdam, its very good smoke.
otherwise i can suggest you la nina with 50% haze in it and 50% black widow(the real white widow) but the medecine man is in my opinion a great variety for medicinal purpose : more indica effect i think. what do you want an up high or a low stone ? lol

ps, the new varieties like angel breath and angel heart looks very very interesting if you want my honest opinion, i believe shanti took the best he likes and cross it.
I'm thinking the Ortega should more than take care of my medical needs, or at least I'll be so sleepy I won't care about them anymore I'm more interested in flavor for the last pack, something similar to newports maybe? Like diesel harshness, I really like that flavor. When you hit the bowl and you immediately know that was definitely something pungent. I guess "Sandalwood" is a good description of the flavor I'm looking for, with a bit of spice and tobacco hints.
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