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Default Advice on what to order :)

I'm placing an order, I'm grabbing
1 G13 x Skunk
1 Ortega

I can't decide on the last pack I should grab I was thinking Spice, but I can't make a definitive decision. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. My only requirements are that it's something a bit different than the above 3, and should have a fast to medium fast finishing time. I probably would've gone with Critical Mass, but something tells me the smell would be overpowering for the area I have to work with.

I've never been blessed with the opportunity to try any Mr.Nice gear, I soon will though. If I could describe a plant I'd love to have something similar to it would be T.H.Seeds S.A.G.E. From reading this plant's lineage, it looks like it's probably just some reworked Shanti and Nev gear, know where I should look to find something similar here? I mostly desire this plant based upon it's flavor while smoking, it had a "tobacco" harshness to the first couple tokes of a green bowl. VERY distinguishable and unique.

(Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium)

THSeeds brought the S.A.G.E. From the high mountains of central California to Holland. Named S.A.G.E. Because of its distinctive spicy smell and taste, this plant's Haze-y flavor and high will fool you into thinking it is a pure Haze variety. But when you grow it you will not experience the low yields of all other Haze varieties. The large yields you get come from the Afghani side, but without overpowering this plant's superior Haze flavor. For two years the THC percentage of the 50 varieties entered by all the coffee shops and seed companies entered in the High Times Cannabis Cup was established. The S.A.G.E. Scored 3rd(1998), and 2nd(1999) highest THC with over 20%.(see lists on page...). Both years this THC ranking was higher then any of the coffee shop or Seed Company Cannabis Cup winners! And the one year (1999) the S.A.G.E. Water hash was entered in the Cannabis Cup it won again. If you love to smoke, grow S.A.G.E.! Testimony from Rob C. Clarke who understands the demands of both the smoker and the grower. While the spice of the Sativa and the punch of the Haze is a connoisseurs favorite, huge Afghani yield is what the grower demands. To achieve best of both worlds, we have coupled the old-school Cali-Sativa with our chunkiest true Afghan breeder to produce a flavor packed plant. Just one taste and you will request what Cypress Hill, The Fun Lovin Criminals and Pharcyde swear by.
Profile: Type: Mostly Indica
Height: 120-140 cm
Yield: 300-400 p.s.m.

Indoor flowering Time: 60 Days.

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