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Old 10-19-2017, 09:20 PM
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Looks like the question was addressed, and basically said. Yeah, Oops My Fault.

He posted the "Wrong Photo"

la resistance verte
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Originally Posted by SpiderKid
This is the 88 Northern Lights F2 male used.

Pic is reversed male ...
looks more like a female

Looks like the question was addressed, and replied OOPs, wrong photo.

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ya, sorry my fault
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Old 11-29-2017, 03:09 PM
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1st smoke report on an early Blue Orca Haze bud.

1 small lower branch got crimped, so my buddy went ahead and cut it, to let me try out. My buddy doesn't smoke, and I get all of his weed. He used to smoke, but cant right now, and has been growing since 76.

The frost on this stuff is insane. Very Incense, Sandalwood, Earth smell, and taste.. Slightly young/chlorophyll tasting as it was just dry enough to smoke, and at least 2 weeks early but the hints of the goodness are there.

Really strong, dizzy buzz. Euphoric, Happy, Talkative, and very nice buzz. This pheno is an Indica high 100%. Very Euphoric. Heavy Duty Creeper. I can imagine what its going to be like in a couple more weeks, as the plant as gone up another order of magnitude vs resin production.

Resin production on this pheno seemingly came on overnight. At 25 days it was showing some resin, but nothing special. Then, by day 27 it was covered in frost, all the way out to the big leaves. Then it stayed that way for another week/10 days, slowly adding then it did it again around day 49. The buds I tested are 45 days, and is already some killer stuff.

I figure this pheno with go 60-65 days.

Another buddy has 8 BOH females, but he lives an hour away, and I haven't got a report in a few weeks, but he also said 3 weeks ago, his look killer.

He growing the BOH... NL5/Hz, and Hazeman 88 G13 x Hashplant. The Ghash, is a beautiful, squat plant. His best 1 last time I asked was 36 inches WIDE, and 32 inches tall, with very complex branching pattern. Just a little slower growing.

The BOH, and NL5/Hz are both really fast growing, healthy strong plants.

The main stems, and stalks are very strong, and if planned to be trained, should be started early in veg, as they will be to stiff if not started early. These are some seriously strong plants.

1 NL5/Hz plant is producing Baseball Bat type buds, and are loaded with resin. Another wouldnt show sex, and was the best plant, and also the biggest, so he put it in 12/12, and it showed Female, so he put it back on 24 hours, and has taken a bunch of clones from it.

My other buddy also had some difficulty with the NL5/Hz showing sex, and gave up on 5, which he shouldn't have.

But so far, at this stage, and a small sample, I'm way more than happy with the Blue Orca Haze.
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Old 11-29-2017, 05:39 PM
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Thanks for the early smoke report. I think yours is the only one for BOH I've seen online. Glad to hear it's such good herb. I almost popped a few Blue Orca Haze seeds the other week due to available room from couple Grail Widow seeds not germinating, but decided to pop a few NHM instead and hold off until next year when I can pheno hunt through a larger number of BOH. I'm also really curious about the Mazar-I-Sharriff x Guerrero freebie pack I got. I'll be interested to hear how much variation there is in the BOH and the 5Hz you grow out.
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Old 02-14-2018, 04:19 AM
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Update on BOH.

1st smoke report is on the plant I smoked earlier, that was taken early. 63 days. I will call it the Leafy Pheno.

Although this sample was also taken early, it went 10 days longer than the 1st time, 73 days this time, and turned it into a different smoke, thought the other was very strong, the Terpenes were very lacking, and though I was impressed with the strength, it wasn't something Id want to smoke all the time, but I could also tell with a cure, that there were terpenes starting to get a good flavor, so I knew if it went longer, it would taste better. It was still young tasting, though not chlorophyll. It ws floral, earthy, sandalwood but lacked character.

Now its really floral/heavy flower tasting. More of a Red Wine comparison vs White/Sweet. Lung expanding, and pretty dense when done.

Huge Resin Production. The hash return off of this stuff will be off the charts. This is the frostiest shit possible, though a bit leafy, probably more Broad Leaf Indica as far as Calix/Leaf vs Narrow Leaf. Trichs are huge

This pheno could go 80-85 days. At 73 days there were NO Amber Trichs anyplace. Many were cloudy, and still a good deal Clear. Like I sid probably 10-14 more days. It would be almost unsmokable for many people.

High is very very long lasting, of the highest order Makes your eyes red as fuck,. Headband??? HUH? This stuff makes it feel like someone is pushing in on both sides of your head.
Every toke is a headrush, lung expanding, no ceiling. I took 1 good hit off of my little bong this morning and vegged for 2 hours. Fries your eyes just like the old days.

Heavy comedown. Groggy, slow, eyes still red, hangover when you go to sleep, and wake up. Heavy munchies. Euphoric Social high. Very long lasting.

Medium good yield. Can get a good 18oz from 1 plant x 20 gallon Promix BX x 1000w Hortilux HPS. Really strong central stalk, and branches. No staking/netting needed for these. Stems are as stiff/strong, or stronger than a pencil.

This NOW is the best plant in my Buddy #1s garden.

Buddy #2..

As good as Lafy Pheno #1 IS.

BUBBLEGUM PHENO #2 is even better. This plant also went around 70 days, is also loaded with resin, though these glands are Smaller. Leafy Pheno has Huge glands.

But even though these are smaller, there at just as many, and while better is opinion, this shit is even more potent vs Leafy, has a better taste.

Taste is Bazooka Bubblegum, with Floral, Pepper, Hash overtones. Also Lung Buster, and Rock Hard Buds when thoroughly dry. Friggin Resin Factories. Cluster, upon cluster is how the buds stack on the stems, and even though 10-14 days early, the resin production is off the charts.

If you want something to make oil/extract/Bubble Hash ect. This is the stuff. Huge return, and I guarantee every hit will about collapse your lungs. Not safe to drive, and smoke, even in joint form.

1/3rd of a joint between 2 guys that have been smoking since the 60s, and we were fried, and put it out. Burns seemingly forever. ALso it seemingly tats better the lower you smoke it. Usually it tastes worse, but it keeps its flavor all the way down. If you make it that far. Not saying I cant smoke whole joint. I can. But still, 1 big toke, and hold that sucker as long as possible gets me fried. And I used to shoot LSD/PCP for fun back in the early 70s, so I know what high is.

I Od'd in 76 shooting 1:1000 x 96 Units Adrenaline IV, and quit everything but weed. Alcohol incl, and started working out, and watching what I eat in 78, and I still workout, and watch what I eat. Ive not had 1 drink, of any kind of soda since 1978. I don't eat artificial colors, flavors , preservatives, white flour, canned food every now and then. Distilled/Reverse Osmosis water. I cook all food in RO water. Eat in very few restaurants. Havent had Mcds, Wendys, ect since the 70s.

In prison though I had to make due, tough I worked in the kitchen, and had it made. I got ice, which was filtered, and melted that and cooked with, and drank it. I lived on dried Pinto Beans, brown rice, Mackrel, salmon, raisins, peanuts, powdered milk ( I actually like it ) from the commissary.

This Bubblegum Pheno will do 22oz per plant. My buddy brought me 12oz of it.

The main thing about this strain is, that you have to let it go, and go some more. I'm sure some will go 90 days.

Buddy #1 with Leafy Pheno, also has 17 more females at 7 weeks veg, hes getting ready to flower. He started 40 seeds/100% germ rate, and culled 5 mutants/slow growers, and then 5 more that were a Column type plant.

Could be killer for Sea of Green, if it has as dense of bud as Bubblegum . 2-3oz a bud.

Weve only had 5 Females to look at, and while all of them potent. 2 of them have been killer, with 1 Outstanding. So far 20% Outstanding.

I bet out of 17 more really nice vegging females, there will at least be 1 even way better than the Bubblegum.

But for a $100 Donation, and get 2-3 extra seeds, and then a Free Pack of 15 is freakin giving them away. That's around $3.30 a seed.
Last time ordered I ordered 1 pack BOH, 1 Pack BO X RKS, and asked for 1 pack of BOH for Freebie.

I got 17 seeds with my original Order of 15.

I got 22 MORE BOH, 15 BO x RKS and 15 more The ONE x PCK. So I got 69 seeds for $200... $2.89 USD a seed.

$370 a seed

Heres some crappy photos.

The leafy Pheno is a more Blue/Green tint.

The photos don't do justice, and BB pheno has smaller heads, but is a covered as any plant youll ever find, and would have been more if it went longer.
Almost all the plants leaves turn Blue/Purple
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File Type: jpg WIN_20180213_12_41_13_Pro.jpg (174.5 KB, 35 views)
File Type: jpg WIN_20180212_13_05_25_Pro.jpg (147.3 KB, 37 views)
File Type: jpg WIN_20180213_12_44_05_Pro.jpg (163.3 KB, 28 views)
File Type: jpg WIN_20180213_12_40_02_Pro.jpg (211.3 KB, 33 views)
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Old 02-14-2018, 04:54 AM
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Thanks for the smoke report. I just transplanted 8 Blue Orca Haze seedlings to 4 inch square puts, hoping to flower them in May. I also got 100% germination which is nice.
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Old 02-24-2018, 05:41 PM
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Smoke Report on 75 day BOH... NL5 pheno.

I showed GAS a photo of the Leafier Pheno, and he says it looks like the NL5 pheno.

This is the same plant ( Clone ) as the first plant sampled originally ( From Seed ).

At 75 days, still could have gone longer. ll triches were still Clear to Cloudy, and 0000 Amber. I like to let go to 10% Amber.

1 hit, and yours eyes are red, and bleeding. Mainly in the head, and very long lasting.

This plant tastes like flowers,,,,,,,. Hard to explain the flavor, but its very floral, and LUNG BUSTER. I thought maybe I liked the Bubblegum Pheno Better, and it does produce a bit more, and is a nicer plant but the more this 1 cures out, and Ive now sampled it at 75 days, I'm sure I like this pheno better.

Covered with resin. Caked as much as Ive ever seen on any plant in 45+ years. Would have even been more if it went another 10-14 days.

In reality I had kind of given up a bit on this strain, as it takes so long, and the Terpenes are really not nice in the earlier stages of development. I believe where it has the Thai in it, and is a HUGE INFLUENCE, makes the plants terpenes chemically change very slowly at the end of ripening.

Though GAS says this is NL5 leaning, the Thai, still is prevalent in the long flowering period, and the structure of the plant.

I took 2 good hits of the bong, and after the 1st 1, I was fried. I do take good hits though, as I run 50 miles a week, and have the lungs of a marathon runner, as Ive run 5 marathons.
The second hit ddint come until 30 minutes later though, as I was fried, and wanted to get... "FRIEDER"


Sorry for the crappy pics
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg WIN_20180223_12_41_21_Pro.jpg (146.3 KB, 33 views)
File Type: jpg WIN_20180223_12_36_48_Pro.jpg (141.8 KB, 25 views)

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Old 03-18-2018, 09:09 PM
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How is old Gascan these days
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Old 04-17-2018, 06:14 PM
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I guess hes ok. Only contact I have with him is Facebook, and if I buy seeds, of which I haven't bought any in a log time, as Ive got a BUNCH of them.

Update on Buddys NL5 Pheno from clone vs seed plant.

#1 seed plant was probably a bit starved of light as the 1000w bulb was obviously a bit weak ( Hard to tellif its still really bright. ) vs a new bulb, and the clone. I change 1000w Hortilux HPS every 2 grows whether it needs it or not. At $63 a bulb for me, it cheap.

But the clone finished in 62 days with the new bulb, vs the mother not being finished at 73 days with old 1. Old bulb probably had 3 - 4 12 hours flowering grows of 70 days.

Weed is considerably better, and it was good to begin with. Eye crossing, and taste is Floral, and Anise Seed. Mostly Floral/Sweet, but a Hint of anise. Similar to some AK47 I had in the 90s, but it was Cat Pee Anise, and heavy on both. This is floral.

Killer shit. Really long lasting, eye wrecker, and while Ive never smoked Headband, this stuff feels like someones pushing on both sides of your head, and it also messes with your hearing.

Lung Buster, Red Eyes, Munchies, Long Lasting Euphoric 50/50 high going more towards Sativa in the high, at first, with a Heavy Hittiny body stone an hour afterwards. Shit last for hours for the buzz. Even 2 big hits holding as long as possible gets you high for 3 hours. Eyes red and everything. Heavy crash, just like the old days. Late 60s, - 70s. Eve 1 hit out of the bong fron the cover leaves will make you cough your brains out, and trash your eyes.

The Hash Yield from this stuff would be Monumental. Ive seen people on the FB site say they get over 20% back in yield from an oz of buds. 5gs of hash. I cab believe it.

Buddy has also found 2 other phenos that look like they willeven beat this NL5 pheno.

1 pheno had to be cut at 30 days, and relocated to another place, was as frosted as the NL5 I just described, at 30 DAYS !!!!! I'm smokeing a joint of it as I type this, and honestly, right now its as good as NL5 pheno, and was only 30 days. Also at this point, the shit already has a pretty good taste.
At this stage it smells of Pine, and citrus, and FLORAL., but the buds are more sativa looking, though still not airy. Also the NL5 pheno produces like a MoFo. 3 lbs from 2 1000w lights and 6 medium size plants, 7 gallon smart pots/Promix BX. This pheno will do 1g a watt I'm sure if dialed in perfectl, and buddy that actually growing it, says the other 2 are better.

Next plant at 30 days is even more resinous than either of the other 2 were at the same stage. While I haven't seen the plant, he says its the most resinous plant hes ever seen on either the net, or live. He been growing since 1976 for some history. So hes seen a lot, and has grown literally hunderds of crops. Figure 4 a year for 42 years. 168. Some though he gets 6 a yes if its a 60 days, or under strain. 6 crops x 60 days = 360 days. 5 left over.

But after being initially a bit disappointed with the Terpenes of THIS PHENO from SEED, but the high was strong, Ive totally changed my outlook on it, and if he didn't say the other 2 were even better ( and I have smoked the buds from the 1 cut early.. and hes right ) I could be really happy with this plants Terpenes, and the High from it.
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Old 04-17-2018, 07:55 PM
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Thanks for the update. That's some pretty frosty bud! I have 8 BOH seed plants in veg that will go into the flower tent soon, along with some Angel's Breathe F2s. Only one of the BOH has shown preflowers (a girl) but they all look pretty uniform and Indica leaning...more Indica than I expected from a "haze" but we'll see what they look like in flower. I topped the plants a couple weeks ago to take cuttings and most of them have rooted. I've had the clones under 12/12 for about a week now and hope to sex them soon in an effort to only put females in the flower tent. I'll flower the males separately as bonsai plants. Because the BOH doesn't look like it's going to stretch much (as you indicated), I'm probably going to veg those plants for a week after I up-pot them.

I got about 40 of the 1988 Nl5Hz F5 seeds from Swami in the freezer. Was thinking about getting The One x Punto Rojo from Swami. It appeals to me because The One is a more Thai-leaning sister of Blue Orca, and because I really want to run some Punto Rojo, and was hoping the PR came from some of Coots' old BOEL seed stash. I inquired about it and Gas responded that the PR came from Cannabiogen and that there weren't any completed test grows yet. I decided I'm not going to pay $100 for a pack of untested seeds, even if I get a "free" pack of other untested seeds.
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Old 04-17-2018, 11:32 PM
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Hes given me any free pack I ask for if I spend $100.

1 buddy has 2 phenos at 30 days that are even frostier than this 1 is over 60. Sould be pure fire.

I read a while back, I don't remember where now, BOH has been tested at 30%+.

With strong light/a lot of soil, good veg time, these plants will/can get big. 7ft.
1 plant in a 30 gallon container of Promix BX, 1000w Hortilux HPS, and a 2 months veg in the 30 gallon container, with 1000w, will do 2lbs and be 5 feet tall, and 5 feet wide.
Leaves are a deep wine purple blue, and are like this on every plant. You can really tell it has Thai in it, and it need not be cold to induce the color. Though the buds themselves aren't blue, and some plants are much brighter green than others. The NL5 pheno is a deep green, with huge resin heads while some are brighter green, more sativa colored and the buds more gold, but still rock hard, and the resin heads are very small, but just as abundant. Just not as visually impressive.
Really like this stuff. The more I smoke it, the better I like it, and considering I can get 30+ seeds for $100 its hard genes to pass up. Though Ive got all we need for now.

Gave up on the NL5/Hz as I/We like the BOH much better, and it doesn't take nearly as long on most phenos.

BOH also blew the Hazeman/NDNGuy 88 G13 x HP out of the water. Grew 5 packs, and not 1 plant was as good as any of the BOH, was susceptible to Powdery Mildew, grew slow, and didn't produce a lot.

It was good weed, creeper with a Hashy/Sour taste. 1 - 2 plants out of 25 females was a really nice keeper plant. Most were very leafy, and low production. Lots of resin, just not what we want. I can see where it would be a good breeder with a Sativa, or something less leafy. Beautiful plants though.
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