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I could have have sworn BP stands for British petroleum, but what do I know I'm a lazy American. I understand your dislike of Americans but it should be a dislike of the American government. Yes they were voted in by us (for the most part voted in but that's another debate).
This is a tragedy that could be better handled. I don't have the answers and won't claim to.
There are just as many people outside the US that could care less about the enviroment the we do, as you say.
I currently was just promoted at my work in January. I have managed to decrease my garbage by 50% and in turn now recycle most of what was thrown away. My company which has over 400 stores takes great pride in taking care of the earth. Company wide we are always evaluating better practices to help reduce waste and energy use.
Sorry to bogart this thread but I had to vent.

Most Americans I know hates the practices of our government.
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