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Default 105 Mixed Sativas inc. SSH, Afghan Haze, ASH, Pursangs, Oriental Express, Sonic Boom

So as its the start of a new decade I decided to go a little mad a pop some old packs of seeds. Including a load of MNS goodies.

11 packs, 105 seeds to be precise.

MNS Afghan Haze
REZ Alpha Diesel
Sonic Sonic Boom
Sonic Pursang 9 x Pursang 6
Sonic Pursang 4 x Pursang 6
Seedism Nevilberry
Rez SSH x Chemdog D
DNA Afghan Haze x La CON
Billy Goat Oriental Express

Alot of seed was old and poorly stored and because of this only 89 broke surface. And discarding runts I am down to 69.

All will be in coco / perlite rough mix and in 15x15x20cm pots.

The room is a DR150 with 2 x 600w Lumatek digi with 6 inch turbo extract and 6 inch intake.

Most plants received 10 days veg the OE and ASH have received NO VEG. 12/12 from germ.

All will be placed in Canna 1.3 m Aqua trays, hand fed my modded H&G feed scheme and ran to waste. May put drippers in, not sure yet.

Just in process of final potting, as you can see. Once all potted and in the system I will be back with a few more shots and some more indepth strain detail.

Today is day 7 of 12/12. Oldest plant being now 21 days old.

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