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Old 01-01-2016, 01:40 PM
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isnt it against the tou to talk about members who arent here anymore to defend themselves?

thats your opinion morphote, and your welcome to it.

others, like myself, were here when nevil was on the forum.
it is not better that he is not here.
i dont know what "inspiration" you were looking for from him, too bad you couldnt find it i guess.
ive read everything he posted here, as you have too i bet.
not very much of it was "crap" as you say.
in the end he was forced to leave, and we are not better off for it.

it is a great loss to this website and to the seed industry in general.
i have no problem admitting that i have seen better quality in the few seeds from nevil than i have in the MNS gear that ive seen so far.
why is this?
shanti has long standing mothers and fathers that i only assume were kept because they are great plants.
nevil, on the other hand, slapped some stuff together from stuff sent to him/shared by the community, and in very little time managed to produce a few great crosses that are being enjoyed by far less people than there ought to be.
That is due to supply and distribution issues much more than demand.
lots of people wanted to try his work, lots of people got ripped off trying to obtain them.

basically it comes down to the fact that nevils and shanti's combined efforts are far greater than either could have achieved on their own.
so it is a loss to the community that they are not working together, pooling resources to create stuff that is better than they could do alone.

right now, the community does not have mullumbimby madness x Haze C.
this could be done without nevil, using shanti's MM line, but its in shanti's hands to make it happen. even C5 x MM would be something different
im waiting....
is grail widow the best that can be done? doubt it...
i havent seen it yet, maybe i can score some this year and compare to some of the other sativa stuff.
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Old 01-01-2016, 02:44 PM
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Hi All

well everyone has a right to an opinion and if it is not derogatory it is fine.

While we all wish Nevil good luck with Australia and this Norfolk island project i must remind you Howard and I offered Nevil to join in to the real medical cannabis project we formed and have run since 2009 with Jaime as CBD crew. Some 15 other companies joined and we produce for them all after successfully doing large work to make their exclusives CBD enriched...and this was nothing to do with Nevil or his plants.

Since the announcement of AusCann and Phytoplant Research I have found out that the only legal seed strains that are actually being traded to form this concern are 2 legal hemp strains devoid of THC or lower than .3% of THC. So the so called big announcements and legality of the project is as many are already doing and based on hemp strains to be clear it looks like yet another so called pharma company with big names and so called contracts that bind these companies in a working relationship are doing most of the press releases without full , honest information to raise venture capital to try and get it started. If you check Western Australia companies who already did things like this before you will see it did not go as all thought it would! So again buyer beware.

I am in favour of all countries doing a legal cannabis project especially for medical patients while we accumulate new research information. However the fact is no doctors will prescribe anything pharma until they are confident that the medical research is fulfilling the aims of the medicine or ailments. The true fact is there is a few bits of published research from Dr Guzman from Spain on rats, and not much more to support cancer and cannabis treatment so until this area is in full swing, I am afraid the reality is still more marketing ploys to raise funds to research.

Wishing you all a successful 2016 and all the best from MNS crew. Shantibaba

"Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner." -Lao Tzu

all the best,
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Old 01-01-2016, 04:34 PM
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Happy new year to you too Shantibaba,

it is my believe that the development in the US is irreversible.
It is just too much tax money that the states gained through legalization. Nobody will want to leave that on the table.
Also: It was always the Americans who were pushing the war on drugs and cannabis in particular for their own, mostly economically motivated, reasons.
Now they made a 180 flip and are among the first countries to have it widely legalized.

With the Americans leading the way, other countries will soon follow. Not because the Americans are such revolutionary visionaries but because they were the attack dogs barking behind marijuana criminalization and making sure all the other countries followed in line (I remember Germany for example didn't want to criminalize cannabis when the US demanded them to but fell in line after the US threatened to cut Bayer off from heroin/opium coming through Egypt, which Bayer needed for their research at the time).

So now that the US attack dogs aren't barking any more but are in fact higher and chiller than most of the nations THEY THEMSELVES PRESSURED INTO CRIMINALIZING CANNABIS.... I doubt it will take more than 5-10 years for worldwide legalization.

When that happens, Cannabis can finally be properly analyzed in laboratories. Its substances broken down etc. etc.

We will get to the point where it is commonly possible to analyze a cannabis strain in the lab and say what effects it will have, how it will taste etc. etc. without anyone ever having smoked it (or used it as an oil or whatever).

At that point the medicinal properties which we all know cannabis holds, will be vigorously explored and bloodsuckers like Monsanto will start to patent their own strains and try and force everyone to grow those etc. etc.

Fun times ahead.
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Old 01-02-2016, 11:48 AM
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Default Reply to morphote

Hello morphote, I may have very few post, and be a relatively new registered member, but I have spent most of the last 7-8 years reading up on Cannabis and have often found Mr. Nice forums to be my favorite "watering hole" to learn from. One reason being that I am able to learn about the greatest strains ever bred from actual growers and even the legendary breeders themselves. I dont claim to have read every or even most of Nevilles post (with that much reading who can remember everything!) but I have no recollections of any post that would make me feel the way you yourself feel regarding Mr. Neville, niether am I interested in such post. If I were lucky enough to ever converse with Neville, Shantibaba (my personal favorite Master Breeder!), DJ Short or any other breeder, his actions good or bad, would not detter me from learning as much as possible from them, niether would it make me think less of them or their strains.
We are all human and inevitably others are bound to dislike us or our actions, and as such we should all learn to roll one and forget about our animosity. I see many on here amd other sites (in every walk of life really) who take events and comments personally which really have very little or nothing to do with them. Though I may become irate at some of the comments directed at myself and others I try and let it roll off of my back, why let it upset me? My depression and chronic anxiety does that already.

Peace DieselHaze840
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Old 08-08-2017, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Nevil View Post
Maple Leaf was not related to Northern Lights and didn't cross well with pure NL. Too much Indica. Hybrids of both strains dis cross well when they contained more sativa.
ML loves Skunk1. My nose and intuition tells me that these two are distantly related.

Jim Ortega is around and can speak for himself if he chooses. I get the feeling that he has spoken before and few listened.

The Afghan/hash plant is probably HPxNL1. Not a great yielder but gee it was strong.
Here is a bit to go with the NL thread that has been reactivated.
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Old 11-27-2018, 05:58 AM
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i love this blog
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Old 04-01-2019, 03:40 PM
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RIP Nevil Schoenmakers
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Old 04-20-2019, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Namaskar View Post

This is a shame.
62 is only a young man.
I guess it's hard for us all to outrun our demons.
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