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Old 01-03-2011, 07:23 PM
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and just to clarify matters, i intend no disrespect towards mr. marco r and only sent questions in his direction because his recent comments seemed to be pro-sam and anti-joe and i had some problems with the manner in which those conclusions were reached. i know little more about joe than what has been said here and take no position either way.

the problem i have is when folks start trying to qualify associations with police agencies by pointing at this instance as an act of snitching but in another case it is not snitching but rather some contract entered into with the agency? someone defined "dea third party contract" and let's assume they are correct cause it doesn't matter in the big pic nor for the sake of my argument.

define dea only. this agency is not your friend. they hate anything to do with mj at whatever level. it's their job and worse, they are fast becoming the most powerful police force in the world if they are not there already. if mj is legalized or decriminalized that is taking food off of their table. get it already. and folks defending anyone's association with the dea are walking on very thin ice imho, and my reason for the post towards marco. sam is a rat. he denies it of course and gets those who should know better to second his lying? and joe told on himself and revealed in print that he was a rat? so be it, telling is telling. contracts with the dea is telling, third party or otherwise. lol. peace-biteme
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Old 05-07-2012, 05:09 AM
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Originally Posted by JessE View Post
Hi all,
Below is an excerpt from the previous page in which it was discussed that that Dutch government officials were asking many questions about the arrest of Sam Skunkman in America. And as you can see below, the Skunk man denies similar claims made by NDF.

As others have found, there exist a language barrier with a great deal of the information presented so far and the online translation websites often give different interpretations of the same text. The link below is to another Dutch website in which the arrest of Sam the Skunk man in Santa Cruz, California is discussed. At issue seems to be the fact the Skunk man wishes to have his name stricken from the court records with his lawyers best argument being, "There has been no trial, and therefore no condemnation." (quote based off of Google translation).


And what is seemingly turning out to be a common theme in the major players of Hortapharm/Cultivators Choice history, the Skunk man is claiming to have been nowhere near Santa Cruz, California on the day of the arrest.
Hi all,
A friend recently forwarded this interview with Mel Frank to me and we both thought it was quite interesting. In the video below, Mel talks about his friend from California, a very good marijuana breeder he says, who was busted twice and ultimately went to the Netherlands. This friend is alleged to have brought Skunk #1, Haze, Durban Poison and Afghani #1 to Holland.

So we went back to using the very effective peanut butter jar - Howard Marks.

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Old 11-03-2016, 04:30 AM
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Default Dave Watson: the pathalogcal liar

Well, I left IC because they allow Dave Watson to run amok on that forum for whatever reason. Likely because he advertises there, or he has conned the owner with his tall tales. They also do not allow any posting of any links to info on the web about him, and I was warned off by other mods there when I tried. So I had to ask myself, why stay on a forum that favors narcs? So I cast about the internet and found this forum.

Basically in my discussions with Dave Watson (AKA: David Paul Watson, AKA: Sam Selezny, AKA: Sam The Skunkman, AKA: Dr. Hemp, AKA: Hemp Guy, etc. etc.), I would say that he is 100% full of BS. I lived in the Monterey Bay area from 1966 to 1986. I delved into many things when I lived there, especially weed. I asked around about Dave in NorCal (and in Europe), as I do not recall ever meeting him. Then found a shitstorm of information about him in Santa Cruz and later in Amsterdam. His self-inflated legacy is all over the place, as well as the stories about what really happened wherever he went. Generally bad things happened whenever Fat Dave was around.

He seems to want to worm his way into the soon to be California legal weed scene now. He has an arrest record there, which he claims that he does not. So, I wish him luck with that. He will not be able to lie his way out of that one. I bet he will try though.
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Old 11-03-2016, 02:14 PM
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Welcome big sur, a scum bag he most definately is. It must crush him knowing that he never did anything of any worth with the fine genetics he had. Instead karma gave him a big slap in the face by allowing Nev and SB amogst others to create legends with them. Brings a smile to my face every time ...
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Old 11-05-2016, 09:16 PM
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Indeed. He has been a sell-out all along. I believe that he is convinced that he ran the collective in Santa Cruz though, with him personally developing all those strains himself with a team under him (as he has posted many times). Or even, as I have read in some of his posts, that he brought back personally from Afghanistan before 1972. It is rather obvious that those strains (and back-filled cover stories) were handed to him by his DEA handlers, and the rest is history. The DEA must have been thrilled to find a sociopath and pathological liar like him to plant in Holland!

Sadly people like Ed Rosen. and Robert Clark picked up on his DEA-fed lies and perpetuated them. I know for a FACT that Haze never sold for $200 an oz in the early 1970s, at least locally. Nothing did then, even an oz. of Ganja that I got in 1975 that was legendary. I was buying top grade Mexican, Colombia, local Big Sur-Carmel Valley-Santa Cruz Mountain weed, and even Hawaiian weed for $40-80 an oz as late as 1977 and that was mostly sinsemillia. That all ended when High Times came out with regional weed prices paid. People started showing up in NorCal with suitcases full of money to buy weed to take back east starting around 1978.

I have some Colombian Wacky Weed seeds from 1977 that was $45 an oz. That supposedly is one parent of Haze. I also have seeds from what I believe was early Haze (then called Purple Haze, but NOT the later strain by that name) that I bought in Gilroy in 1981 for $120 an oz. So the timeline from my perspective (and seed notes) for Haze was much later than is advertised.
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