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hi whomever

Nice to see you run the Nevs. According to what I ve read the CBD to THC ratio doesn't change during flowering/maturation. The changes noticed in the high are due to other factors.

Now , what we found when we grew the Neville's is that flowering time can certainly affect the type of high, even a weeks time during the last stages can transform the high noticeably and so I would recommend you take samples every 3-4 days when you approach harvest time , for ultimate control , so you know when she is best for you. Leaving the plant a lit longer can certainly smooth out the edginess and the high will be more relaxing. Only you can tell what you like..

If you liked the Mango I believe you 'll love the nevs too , its one of the most potent plants I 've grown and smoked and all the effort and time is worth it.
Good luck with your grow , looking forward to seeing some pics as they progress. Btw how many nevs seeds are you growing?
cheers , Haz3
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