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Originally Posted by the clone ranger View Post
Hi Hashish,
What a wierd problem
Hope you findout what the cause is,let us know how you get on.

keep it green
the clone ranger
Hey Clone Ranger thanks for stopping by.
Well guys i emailed this company yesterday afternoon about this and i have
not gotten a reply yet,i thought they would reply with some information regarding this (Their Product)but obviousley not.
I am going to upload a pic/s of what this shield seems to be doing to living plants and freshley cut ones,and some vegeatable seedling has came to a sudden hault now aswell.
I was starting to have doubts about it doing this but i am convinced this is the problem,i really wish there was somebody who could back this up but at the moment it,s only me and my pics,so guys if you take a look in my gallery there will be a couple off pics regarding this thread and once again thanks for taking the time to drop in on this thread.
Take care all.Hashish
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