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Hi Hashish,
I saw the product your describing on T.V last week, looks and sounds like a really advanced piece of kit, have you thought about E Mailing the company to ask them if it has any effects on household plants? could be worth a shot, hopefully you get things sorted, peace, Herb
Thanks Herb.
Well i have sent them an email regarding this problem,i will be emailing a few other people today aswell about this.
The reason i have started to really question this is i have read that some magnetic fields can stop the absorbstion of calcium in the human body when the magnetic field is strong enough and this little gadget seems very powerful, it,s also peculiar that my plants are now showing signs of a calcium def,this could all be coincidence but i don,t think it is, as i know another person using one of the when his father started seeing changes in his houseplants.
I spoke to him last night and he said he believes these electronic pest shields is the culprit,an example of whats happening here is. my wife buys a lot of fresh cut flowers for the house, British Gladioli's is the flowers she buys,and has done all through the summer with no problem,she bought fresh ones on monday and by monday night the have went totally limp in the vase they are still looking very colourful but they cannot hold themselves upright as if the life has been drained right out of them,i don,t know if a magnetic field like this could stop calcium absorbtion by the plant but it,s just wierd as i have never seen this problem before with the nutrients i use,but i guess all i can do is wait for a reply from the company and see what their take is on this.
Thanx again for taking the time to reply Herb.Hashish

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