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Question Confused/wierd problem

Hi all and hope you's are well
Ok i don,t know where to start with this,My question is does or has anybody on this board ever ran an electronic pest gaurd in their homes or even around the grow room.
Heres why,
Recentley i purchased a pest sheild from a company called JML,and basically what it does is,it put like a magnetic field around the full structure of your home and turns your electrics into a magnetic shieild to deter mice,rats and other rodents even gerbils hampsters and large spiders.
I have seen coakroaches be destroyed using it when they try to head underneath a skirting board they can,nt as the magnetic field pushes them back and deals with them in a more humane kinda way,by attacking their nervous systems.
It got so bad i have lost two prized pitbulls after them catching a very large rat/s thats body was full of warfin used to treat people with heart conditions,but is the poison they use to thin the rodents blood which then transfered it,self to my dogs insides unfortunatley because of these vermon.

We lived in the country moreless and this has became a huge problem in our area even for the farmers and this is the reason i started using this shieled for about the last three weeks.
But since i have strarted using it my plants have came to a standstill,no new growth,my budding plants have stopped altogether i don,t no if it is a coincidence but they where doing fine before i put this in my home.
i,m also thinking it could be to do with the change of weather and climate,i had a problem last september where nearly 40 seeds would not germinate no matter which way i tried but by october the same seeds from the same packets germed without a problem,so i don,t know if it,s the time of year or what, but what i do know is my plants have stopped going anywhere fast,so i,m hoping someone could maybe chime in on this as i am starting to worry as i am on a time scale with my grows all year round so all input and help would be very much appreciated 100%,i leave it there for now to see what you's have to say on this.And thanks for taking the time to read this aswell.
here is a link to the Pest Shield and it really does work hopefully not with plants Thank you. Hashish

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