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Lightbulb How to make: CANNABIS TINCTURE based in alcohol

Materials needed:

a) Kind bud. The higher quality the buds, the better the end product.
b) 190 proof grain alcohol, or the highest alcohol content you can find.
DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL, only use drinkable alcohol sold in liquor stores.
c) 2 mason jars with lids
d) Coffee filter
e) Pot of water
f) Flat glass/pyrex casserole dish. The wider the dish, the faster it will evaporate.
g) Dark glass tincture bottle with dropper. You can get them in health food stores. If they don't sell empty bottles then buy the cheapest vitamin/supplement they sell in a bottle and rinse it out.

optional: Coffee grinder. This isn't necessary, but it allows the trichomes to be penetrated easier by the alcohol, which means more potency.

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