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Originally Posted by Silly(c)One View Post
Thanks a lot for your thoughts, they are very useful to me !

Could you give more detail as to why go for those 3 strains specifically, please ?
Shit and Black Widow are stabil ,true breeding strains
Afghan Haze carries an afghan line that is un related to almost All other MNS varities.

I'm very interested in knowing your thought process...

So in your mind, I'd have to chose an Afghan Haze male if I want to bring some haze qualities in my crosses ?
NO, you can do what ever you prefer,I said this is what I do.

Why not a pure Neville's Haze male, then ?
uh Nevilles Haze in not Pure anything ?
it is a First generation Hybrid {NL5HazeA X HazeC}

Or is it because in an Afghan/Haze cross, the male would be easier to identify as haze or afghan leaning ?
Afghan Haze is the only single cross F1 Mr Nice sells
there is Shit Haze also,but the seed is not around much.

hope that helps
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