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Sorry to bring up an old thread, but that article of DJ Short made me put words on a few ideas that came to my mind lately about breeding.

The main issue we all face (most of us anyway, at least nowadays) is the lack of space. Both DJ Short and Shantibaba have stated on many occasions that in order to do efficient breeding, one needs to grow A LOT of plants.
If the stupid laws do not allow us to grow massively outdoor, we must use the tools we have at disposition to do otherwise. Inspiring ourselves of the open source movement in software development and in thus agree with DJ Short when he says we must cooperate.
I have made a few quick crosses in the past, but have never had the space to grow the offspring. I gave quite a few seeds to grower friends around, who happily grew them on their own and gave me back a few samples of the weed so I could taste the result of my own crosses and so know the quality of the father (as I have grown and smoked hundreds of grams of the mother )
The bottom word is the only way we could do some valuable breeding in the actual restraint conditions most of us growers face, in a reasonable amount of time, is only by coordinating the effort of many small grows by people governed by passion. Once it becomes a chore, one looses his interest and his passion and things always go down the gutter... Problem is combining all this in this climate of money-ruler-of-all-things-human... Except maybe if we do those things starting from a reliable source like MNS strains, for example! This way selection on parental stock can be made by any of us and be sure the source is "legit" and the genes from the same parental stock.

Ok ok sorry for my ramblings, too much (hrmm, never too much) of this "Amnesia" SSH for my brain tonight huh ... ;-)

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