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Originally Posted by Grover Sativa View Post
Statistically speaking that is pretty unlikely. 0 from 7 should happen maybe once every 128 grows - and that is presuming that the likelihood of getting a male is 1 in 2. I suspect nature slightly leans towards females, making 0 from 7 even less likely... Good show!

Are you sure? are they itsy bitsy teeny weeny pre buds or blatant fat male 'grape bunches' ?

Seems like awful bad luck.

If you include the G13s that's 1 female from 11 seedlings.... a likelihood of much less than 1 in 2000 (two THOUSAND) grows....

I'm sure your right and, statistically at least, it IS possible but maybe it is worth leaving the NH's for a day or two longer to see if there are any 'ninja' females disguised as males...

Unless, of course, there are other, external, factors at play here, causing male seedlings...
(Before anyone asks, I have an honours degree in Applied Statistics! Sad but true....)

Shame, unlucky man. Better luck next time, though.

A stat man having a bit of a meltdown?

Just kidding, but if it can happen it probably will and just because it's statistically unlikely, dosen't mean shit!!!
It's just bad luck on this one I think, hopefully the rest of the beans will be all females.
Peace GG
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