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Hi Shovelhandle,

Hope you're doing well

good to hear the NH are in flowering mode , don't worry about the 10/14 and the indicas they may lose a bit of yield is all.But the Nevs will like it and flower and finish faster as well. You could also try 11/13 all the way an alternative, or switch to 11/13 from 10/14 after flowering starts. All will work.For the last weeks you can go even go down to 8/16 but I wouldn't do it if there are still indicas around in the garden.

Good luck with the flowering and keep it up
NH Flowering wks 1-3 [10/14] ; wks 4-12 [11/13] ; wks 13-16 [8/16]...I assume this is what you mean...

Thanks L33t...that's exactly what I wanted to know...I'd love a weekly breakdown through 14-16 weeks, but I understand if that is asking too much...jay
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