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Old 11-28-2011, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by SomeOtherGuy View Post
maybe this will help you learn to watch your mouth in someone elses thread.

...this is an exampe of the puke you foold have spewed in MY thread. fuck you very much douche-bag.

here i have copied most of the manure so nobody can delete and deny.

go away little boy.

above is where the boob reveals himself.

and here he denies.

not hiding homey, just busy sweeping the shit into piles so everyone will recognize it.

you're a liar boob, as evidenced by all the puke YOU spew all over this forum.

open your mouth wider honey, i want to show everybody how gay i am and i don't want to spew cum all over your face again.

so thats most of the shit, maybe a legit grower or two there caught up in the moment but mostly just a couple maggots jerking each other off.

...maybe in the future the legit growers will refuse to take the bait and become fools.

Peace, SOG
gee troll your doing a great job of bumping my threads for me , thanx again
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