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Old 08-21-2019, 03:12 AM
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Default Ending Prohibition in New Zealand


I'm hoping to start a discussion and hopefully gain some knowledge of how I can help with ending prohibition in New Zealand.

There is a peoples referendum to be held next year in New Zealand, although not legally binding the current goverment promises its going to treat it as if it was (it can't be binding because it lacks specific details regarding how and what laws will change), if the current goverment loses the election the newly elected goverment could simply choose to ignore it's results and not act if they choose.

My understanding is there is 3 questions in the referendum regarding cannabis law reform,

1. Should medical cannabis be legalised ?

2. Should cannabis be decriminalised ?

3. Should cannabis be legalised ?

There is already some steps being made towards medical cannabis being legalised, as the law is currently if you have a terminal illness (Less then 12 months to live) you have a legal defence for your right to use cannabis, this does not cover your supply or right to grow so you still have to obtain cannabis though illegal means except for sativex with approval from the ministry of health.

There is another change to come into effect soon, CBD is to be removed from the prohibited list, some products will be removed from the prohibited list (So only approved products can be prescirbed) and can be prescribed by approved specialists, there is no mention yet if dried flower, extracts, ediables or growing you own will be legal for medical patients, as it stands you need to apply for a medical cannabis license to grow cannabis and it's not for home growers, it's for research and commercial medical cannabis growers.

So far it's not looking good, there has been no real action from the pro cannabis community and the anti cannabis community has been gaining a lot of support, recent polls have shown just 39% of New Zealanders support ending prohibition.

To give you an idea of what the opposition is like in New Zealand here is a link to the main oppositions website; and a popular anti cannabis personality in New Zealand

I don't think you all even need to read the Family First website or the articles by Mike Hosking to know what sort of arguments against cannabis law reform these guys preach, it's the standard refeer madness, if you dig deeper into family firsts articles you find he even lies about what's in his citations (Look specifically at his article regarding cannabis use and domestic violence) but there popular personalities and have gained a huge amount of support without providing any scientific evidence or without any resistence from the pro law reform community.

I'd like to hear how prohibition ended in your part of the world ? How did you contribute or what we're the contributing factors to ending prohibition ? And anything else you think maybe relevant.

Thanks for reading,


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