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shantibaba 12-21-2018 01:10 PM

Mr Nice shops and companies popping up in UK and Italy etc...with no connection to the original Mr Nice Seedbank or Shantibaba genetics.
Hi All

So it has become an issue this year with certain companies all attempting to brand Mr Nice in some way in different countries all with nothing to do with our original genetics or seeds or products...let that be clear.

After doing investigation and it is ongoing with trademark lawyers, it seems there are some groups all getting involved, and not really for reasons more than money. So piggy backing on Howard's name and Shantibaba genetics and reputation will not really be tolerated after 20+ years as Mr Nice Seedbank...

The main reason for posting this is to keep you all aware that these companies in Switzerland, Italy, UK and Canada who are now contacting clients of Mr Nice Seedbank by cold calling and aggressive marketing practices are nothing at all to do with our products, our genetics or our advice...they are completely independent entities just using marketing and branding and money as their tools. The origins of their material , or their glossy packaging or their press releases show big distinctions between Howard and my attitudes to helping people in this industry. Companies with large financial pockets cannot come in and buy reputation without earning in some form over time. So please be aware and spread the word that these products are not made by Mr Nice Seedbank or Shantibaba.

As more info is dealt with i will keep you updated and paste up some links to read....but maybe some of you are aware of this article lately.

All the best Shantibaba

Dandaweedman 12-21-2018 01:18 PM

I have to try that dangerous cannabis one day.
I hope they up the THC some first.

Interesting read though.

CannaFish 12-21-2018 04:07 PM

That online "news" article is confusing about the trademark MR. Nice.

So who owns the name Mr. Nice?

Is that why the new products are called "Dr. Nice"?

Hey Shanti, what is up with the CBD Crew? You haven't updated us in a long time. Anything new?

Herbsman 12-21-2018 04:45 PM

Says on one site:

2017 -

"The Howard Marks Foundation agrees terms with Equinox International, to develop a “Mr Nice” brand, that celebrates Howard Marks's life and will act as a British champion in the emerging global cannabis industry."


shantibaba 12-23-2018 09:56 PM

Hi All

While Howard was alive he used Mr Nice and I used Mr Nice Seedbank...however there was never any issue as Howard did not do plants or seeds or anything other than his book actually. However in the last year it seems that the children of Howards under their trust company, have decided to cash in on someone or some entities that offered to do some branding of the name...and hence this has all appeared recently.

We are in conversation with both entities as it seems evident if one visits google or any of the sites it is us that has been established working without issues with Howard from inception of the seed bank till last year. We will resolve things as we own all the websites and several trademarks...but the key thing to be aware of is while this continues we have never given nor understand anything of these genetics that this Mr Nice is selling. They have never revealed origins of plants and all the normal descriptions but rather bought in and packaged products available on the market. This is the main reason i am making this public as those who were confused and purchased things thinking it was Shantibaba plants involved in this product...and becoming disappointed...well it is nothing in our control and just reselling of purchased products. This company does nothing like Mr Nice Seedbank in breeding, selecting, reproducing consistently etc....and owning specific buyers be aware please.

CBD crew is working on several new lines, we will have in 2019 CBD Gelato, CBD GSC, CBD Gorilla Glue and CBD G13. We have completed several further inbreeds of CBD Therapy and they are now ready to go through germination and flowering controls to make sure all is correct...but looking good. Just a lot of projects and seed production altogether and we had to get production up to stock before proceeding with breeding projects. But looks like 2019 will be interesting for all those who enjoy those USA flavors with a good mixing of CBD. Remember we at CBD crew still advocate 1 to 1 CBD to THC cannabis and breed these seeds for those who work from home and in remote areas or areas without medical licencing our following is substantial for these lines and we do hope to have things ready in the first 4 months of this season.

MNS has several seeds completed and in production for new releases...and this will occur 2019 also as planned.

That is up to date for now and just wanted to wish everyone a merry Xmas and a happy New Year for 2019....all the best Sb

n2ishun 12-23-2018 10:24 PM

Good to see you posting on the board again Scott.
Shame that it has to be under these sorts of circumstances.

Maybe you should *sticky* this thread so the spammers don't cause it to move down in the list.

Something that might be worth looking into is the pre-existing company rights.
If someone has a successful company for a certain amount of time another should not be able to take the same or similar name and offer a comparable product.
No matter their relationship to the name.

Anywho, gluck mate.

shantibaba 12-24-2018 10:20 AM

Hi All

We are already involved in this line of progression and since Mr Nice Seedbank was set up 1998, and the Mr Nice brand was only set up 2018, it is clear we are entitled to continue as we always have. However it seems money grabbing is filling this industry with people who are unaware of most things behind the scenes and the amount of hard work and risk involved for years...This would never of happened while Howard was alive...and it is a product of bad intentions from the family trust with the sole intentions of easy money without doing anything for it.

While no one of our crew denies the family trust to profit from Howard's legacy, their way is without consideration to what was clearly established while Howard was alive.

Companies like Sensi Seed still never changed the strain they named after Howard some years ago, and shops opened and probably will close based on reselling of other peoples products....which Howard would never have allowed. But these are current times and obviously the money is drying up from his books or is just not enough any longer? Methods to gain money by riding the backs of others will always fall short eventually. The only real concern is that the end user will be the one to lose out which is the person we at MNS most value. So it will be good while we sort through this issue, that people who wish to help keep the integrity of Howard's name and work along with ours as clean as possible and keep facts in the realm of reality...and to keep these marketing companies who understand nothing of plants or the aims of why we began clearly in a different arena.

All the best Sb

Dandaweedman 12-24-2018 02:33 PM

The seed business has always had a lot of bad apples, gets worse when you add greed and lawyers.

It's interesting about these legalizations.
The seed maker gets paid once and the commercial grower gets paid repeatedly. Mind you it used to be that way in agriculture in Canada.
Soon though royalties will flow from the farmers.

As weed is an agricultural crop I look forward to it being classified as such, it will bring a certain culpability with it immediately with other options being looked to in time, like with wheat.

Hootigh 12-24-2018 08:21 PM

Sorry to hear
Yeah, i know i was looking online today and had seen mr nice was having a 50% off sale on Christmas day only for members. I was so busy daydreaming about what jewels i could find out of six silver packs that it took a minute to realize that the website was selling clothes. Not too sure about hip hop denims.

On a serious note sorry to hear about all the drama. Hopefully everything works out as it should.

btoks 12-27-2018 06:20 AM

just beffore Howard went away a guy from Spain start talking about the daugter of howard saying she wanted to make a Mr-nice brand, i was like thats imposible theres one allready, but i see that at the end she fucking did it, they bought him a lot of fem seeds he was making to brand as mr-nice, i thought it was going nowere but i was wrong :mad:

i will aware all people i know ;)

Happy new year.

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