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shantibaba 08-26-2018 10:48 AM

New Mr Nice Shop online...
Hi All

After a lot of hard work getting quality hemp and recreational genetics licensed to grow, obtaining permits for growing , installing our own extraction facilities, processing all our own biomass to make our own quality full spectrum extractions and formulating recipes for our wellness finished products we are finally ready with our own shop to get direct supply to those looking for the option to get directly supplied from Mr Nice Seedbank.

Access to the shop at this link

Let us know what you think and any constructive criticism is always welcome as we are new and wish to listen to our members and guests alike.

We are proud of what we do and have always done things with passion and integrity...this shop is now our latest addition to the MNS group of initiatives and we hope it helps access our products to those who wish to use it.

All the best Shantibaba

Triplep 08-26-2018 11:36 AM

The site looks great sb congratulations hard work coming to fruition. I have a question though. In my part of the USA there has been huge problem with opioid addiction and there are a few breeders trying to work some genetics to help with this problem. Will CBD crew or any other MNS joint venture offer anything like this in the future. Sorry if this wasnít the right place to post this itís just a serious problem in our country and one that Iím passionate about trying to help with. Thank you again for all your years of hard work

shantibaba 08-26-2018 11:46 AM

Hi T

In my part of the USA there has been huge problem with opioid addiction....

We are extremely aware of this epidemic hitting many countries, but the problem is every person metabolism is different and there is no one strain that fits all. This is why we are making available in both USA and Europe these products to begin healing issues that need addressing .

Out of interest what characteristics do you believe should be in a strain to help this type of condition?

The Rebound pills we make using whole plant wide spectrum compounds both in acid form and active form are having a good affect on some individuals with this addiction issue but it is very new and we need some time to circulate and gather data...however, we are doing what we can to get this started...

all the best Sb

Triplep 08-26-2018 04:14 PM

Glad to hear that you are already on it sb. I guess that it would come down to knowledge of how opiates effect the brain and what chemicals the brain releases as response, then seeing what combination of cannabinoid and terpene profile would either suppress cravings or help the brain regulate the desired chemicals for a similar effect that would help transition from opiated to cannabis without withdrawal from the opioids. Iím not a scientist or anything close but I really would like to help with this problem. There is a breeder here is USA that is originally from Virginia a state on the east coast that has a cut of Nevilleís 88g13xhashplant and He has had great results from some of his patients with that medicine. I will be following closely sb

Amoril 08-26-2018 08:00 PM

For many people, addiction isn't the primary concern. Many patients are on opiates, under the supervision of a doctor, to control legitimate medical concerns, ie neuropathy, physical trauma, surgical recovery, et cetera

The mentality that we need to figure out how to "control / block the cravings" does not really consider people who would require the opiate for a normalized quality of life, only those who do it solely because they're stuck in the addiction loop.

Having said that, SB makes a good point about metabolism and body chemistries of the persons; couple that with the varied reasons someone may be on the drug, and you have a wide spectrum to cover. Rather than a universal strain or extract, each person will have more success trying various things. For example, withdrawal is different for each person, symptoms will vary in intensity.... one person may need an appetite stimulant, while another a pain reliever, and another just needs help sleeping. Finding cannabis that controls the underlying cause of opiate use is the logical first step, since it's often associated with pain and cannabis does have legitimate function as an analgesic

But, in general, cannabis can help with symptoms of opiate withdrawal / discontinuation, but it wont make it easy. There's still a part to be played by the person, and I doubt there's a configuration of cannabis that changes that.

Smoke Dream 09-16-2018 01:38 PM

CBD Question
Does anyone happen to know or if SB could chime in, what ratio of organic liquid to CBD product is used to produce the cbd oil used for vaping?

Smoke Dream 09-17-2018 07:05 AM

Actually, let me start off by saying hats off to you & the crew for all the hard work in the various areas of this business! I've heard & seen a lot & it's ruthless. Again my hat, for putting out FULL SPECTRUM product.
Really appreciate you getting licensed to reach out to the many.

Will be reaching out to you about this soon SB.

As far as the site, it's great mate! Although, would be nice to see it a little sharper in time, as it is more serious of a site than any w/the letters CBD for sale on them. Would help those seeking who are concerned, uneducated, walk in w/ease & curiosity.
Hope to hear reviews from folks who are diagnosed or used a journal instead of, it's great & helps me whatever.
In time if possible, would love to see data sets used for each or specific strains. Think this will allow folks to judge the data for themselves & gain confidence. It does call out the ones to show who have not the data but charge enormous amounts for false hopes. Feel like they might be better off w/the cbd water I seen sold at the gas station (4.99). WTF


Smoke Dream 09-17-2018 07:34 AM

There is always good w/the bad & so on, maybe in time it would be possible to bridge the MNShop w/CBD Crew. In a manner that shows the cbd crews proven source of cbd(s) & data used for qualification. I believe many standards fall short where the need to extend & vice versa.
The standard could & should be set here. It would at the the very least, separate yourself & give a proper smack to all those results on a google search for cbd products.
Maybe reference some ongoing & concluded medical studies of CBD.
Also be ready in the future if not already, to hear folks who never touched cannabis in their lives & have been left /out a remedy.

BenPlantin 09-17-2018 09:10 PM

suggestions for brain tumor
Hi all,

Shanti the new shop looks awesome and legendary move to have these products on offer, people need the medicine now... you doing it, legend.

i have recently learnt a close friend has aggressive brain tumor, they gave him 6 weeks but they may of course got it wrong.

what product(s) from the shop would you recommend or suggest be best for my friend at this time?

sorry i only had a brief look and thought always good to ask

thank you kindly

shantibaba 09-18-2018 09:09 PM

Hi Ben

sorry to hear about your friend.
However those Rebound capsules are excellent for his issue currently but he should have an equal dose of THC if it was available and legal in the country he is in.
The vapes are good but these capsules are doing it for a large range of issues plus increasing the quality of daily life immensely after the first 3 days of using x2 per day or x3 per day.

If you wish to ask things more privately then ask in my pm...all the best Sb

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