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Originally Posted by whomever View Post
This is just fantastic dude,

I have a NHXMH i am starting out here in seasia, I will need to get to some NH after checking out these picks, Equatorial sativas kinda "talk to ya" if you know what i mean..Again great pics
Oh they certainly do, i made the mistake/good decision of starting my growing on heavy sats, so these are like home to me. I find indicas are nice to grow of course, and I grow many, but just dont give you the same spiritual feel around the plants, they dont engulf you all around as you work.

I've got a pack of the nh x mh as well, but by the sounds of it, they will like where you are more than here, looking forward to seeing them man.

Originally Posted by The Fijian Toker View Post
Doing a great job with those Nh BB, they are coming along a treat!

I'll take a seat and hop on board for the remainder of the journey, it should be a good-one!

Take care

Thanks a lot man, i hope I can keep them going good, gonna move up the nutes a little tomorrow of the day after, when the time comes, so lets hope I can move em up just right. I'm starting to see a little paling from the stretch, so I want to keep up on that be fore it gets to the fight it back in stage, nothing worse than try to green up a yellow satty
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