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hi all
sorry i havent been around for a while but iv been busy as feck

anyway back to the plants, the Black Widow made it to 8 weeks 6 days and then mold set in on one of the six colas so rather than risk the rest of the plant i chopped the lot. i didnt put it on any scales but i got about 3-4 oz,but if it wasnt for the mold i recon easy a ton hehehe the smoke is good too just had a spiff before i started typin its great for meds.
saddly iv lost this pheno it just wound nt clone for me but no fear iv still got ten seeds left

the NL5xH(sensi)tryed and trusted i lov this plant,it went to 10 weeks 4 days and looked fantastic (apart from the mite damage on the leaves) i ran two clones both had six colas, its just about dry ish couple more days they have done well but there not the bigest iv done.
iv had a little tester and its mad strong just mental, head up your arse gear

sorry no pixs ill try at the weekend

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