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I think that I have read the same thing - that the fastest males are more prone to hemp type plants, and the slowest ones prone to passing recessives. I haven't grown enough of my crosses to say definitively 'this male tends to pass this, that male tends to pass that, male C passes the other...'. I've run ~30 females that were fathered by the same SSH, and I still can't predict what the plants will look like. IME, the crosses fall somewhere between the parents. I can't definitively say that I've seen some 'recessive' trait that was not apparent in the parent plants to SOME degree.

It takes space and time to do right. Period. No definitive conclusions have been drawn between slow males, hollow stemmed males, resiny males, stinky males, purple males, trifoliate males, etc... passing anything other than what you are selecting for (hollow stem, resin, speed, etc...) I'm sure certain breeders have a feel - say lemony plants, or plants with a certain structure, but the progeny STILL has to be tested, and the parents STILL have to be maintained.

I fully intend to work with a 1:1 Spice x SSH cross that I made. I understand that with my limited space (best case, ~30 females per run, no 'real space' to properly flower males, I have to see how they do in less than optimum conditions) that I will not be able to 'map' out what each plants pass, as I just don't have the veg space to keep ~10 'possible' parents, while I grow 4 or 5 of each cross at a time... I am simply going to select for desirable traits, and stinky males. I plan on selecting the females for what they do, and the males for how they smell (assuming the structure/vigor is ok). The goal is to produce a seedline that is relatively consistient - the females will perform like I selected for, and they will smell like I selected for on both sides. Not a true IBL, but something that will give me ~75% consistient plants. Even the 1:1 plants are pretty consistient. Prolly ~50-60% of the females that I've seen so far would be fine for me to use for the first incross.
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