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I'm not sure about adding Honey but plants do crave Brawndo.

Any pics? I'd like to see what corn cob bokashi mulch looks like. I did bokashi for a little while and would add the remains to the veggie garden and turn them into the soil. The corn cobs stayed around for a while.

On another random note, i watched a japanese show where they made natto, a fermented soybean. They took rice straw and made a a little package to hold the soybeans. They use boiling water to sterilize the straw, but the rice straw still retains the bacterium Bacillus subtilis after boiling. And the soybeans are packed into the rice straw package just like making an traditional malawi cob, wrapped tight and then left to ferment. Pretty cool process, i thought the interesting part was how the necessary bacterium was still in the straw after boiling.
Someday I'll to try to make malawi style cobs with some sativa and see if it's as good as I read. I think there's a lot of opportunities to experiment with different methods of fermentation.

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