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So they had pot slightly over the 0,3% THC hemp limit? Or way over the 0,3% THC limit? All they said in Kern Co. was that it was "well over" the limit. But not how much over. If it was 1% THC weed, OR A MASSIVE 3x THE LEGAL LIMIT!!! (Oh my Gawd!!!!) it was not worth one BILLION USD... they have refused to release the actual THC testing numbers. And no arrests have been made. It seems that the growers believed that they were growing hemp. And it may well have been legit hemp seed that they had planted. I do not know of anyone that produces or sells seeds in that kind of quantity for marijuana. Maybe Scott does here on Mr Nice. In the hemp world, all they sell is cannabis seeds by the kilo. There are roughly 60,000-80,000 Cannabis seeds in a kilo. So 10 million plants / 80,000 = 125 kilos of seeds. No way anyone planted that many marijuana seeds outside of say, Morocco. Hemp is typically planted here at the rate of 25 pounds of seed per acre (about 10 kilos) for CBD and 50 pounds per acre for fiber.
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